Senin, 20 Mei 2013


9th Street - Without Saying (OST. He is Beautiful)
2NE1 – It’s Hurt
2AM - Even If I Die, I Can't Let You Go
2AM – Even If I Die, I Can’t You Go (Female Version)
2AM - You Woldn't Answer My Call
As One - Mianhaeya Haneun-goni (OST. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang)
Ashily - Lucky (OST. BBF)
Baek Ji Young – Like Being Hit by A Bullet
Baek Ji Young – That Woman (OST. Secret Garden)
Big Baby Driver - Spring I Love You Best (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity)
Big Baby Driver - You are Everywhere (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity)
Big Baby Driver - Your Sun is Stupid
Byul - I Think I (OST. Full House)
Byul - Because It's Still You (OST. Wild Romance)
Cho Eun - Sad Love Song
Dong Soo - Painful (OST. Wild Romance)
Huh Gak – I Told You Wanna Die
Huh Gak - Don't Forget Me (OST. The Greatest Love)
Hyun Bin - That Man (OST. Secret Garden)
Izi - Eung Geub Shil (OST. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang)
J and Howl - Perhaps Love (OST. Goong)
Jang Dong Gun - More Than Me (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity)
Jang Geun Suk - What If (OST. Hong Gil Dong)
Jang Geun Suk - Love Rain (OST. Love Rain)
Jessica - Because Tears are Overflowing
Jessica, Seohyun, Tiffany - Bad Oppa
Ji Sun - Crazily in Love (OST. Brilliant Legacy)
Jung Il Young - Prayer (OST. Endless Love)
Jung Il Young - Reason (OST. Endless Love)
Jung Yong Hwa - Because I Miss You (OST. Heartstring)
Jung Yeop - Nothing Happenned (OST. 49 Days)
Kangta – Persona
Kim Bo Kyung – Suddenly (OST. City Hunter)
Kim Bum Soo – Bogoshipda (OST. Stairway to Heaven)
Kim Jung Eun - Inside My Heart (OST. My Name is Kim Sam Soon)
Kim Hyang Gi - Sora's Song (OST. Wedding Dress)
Kim Hun Ah - Na Man Eh Nuh (OST. Stairway to Heaven)
Kim Hyung Seob - Saranghaeyo (OST. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang)
Kim Min Jong - Beautiful Pain (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity)
Kim Soo Hyun - The One And Only (OST. The Moon That Embraces The Sun)
K. Will – Love is Punishment (OST. Brilliant Legacy)
K. Will - Real Love Song (OST. The Greatest Love)
K. Will - My Heart is Beating
Lee Hyun - My Heartache (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity)
Lee Hong Rae - Tears (OST. Endless Love)
Lee Seung Gi - Words That Hard To Say
Lim Hyung Joo - I Want To Be Happy (OST. Sassy Girl Chun Hyang)
Luna & Krystal - Calling Out (OST. Cinderella's Step Sister)
Monday Kiz - Goodbye My Princess (OST. Princess Prosecutor)
Na Yoon Kwon - Because You're My Everything (OST. Bachelor Vegetables Store)
Na Yoon Kwon - I'm Waiting (OST. It's Okay Daddy's Girl)
Park Shin Hye – Without Words (OST. You're Beautiful)
Park Da Ye - What Should I Do (OST. You're Beautiful)
Rain - Destiny (OST. Full House)
Ryu Shi Won - From The Beginning Until The End (OST. Winter Sonata)
Seo Young Eun - Can't Let Go (OST. 49 Days)
Shin Jae - Tears are Falling (OST. 49 Days)
Shin Sung Kyung - You are My Spring (OST. Secret Garden)
SNSD – Time Machine
Soundtracks - Nuh Eh Ge Nan Na Eh Ge Nun (OST. The Classic)
Sunny - Finally Now (OST. Stiry of Wine)
Sunny - You Don't Know About Love (OST. Working Mom)
Sweer Sorrow - No Matter How I Think About It (OST. Alone in Love)
Stay - You And I are Stupid (OST. Goong)
Taeyeon - Can You Hear Me (OST. Beethoven Virus)
Taeyeon - Closer (OST. To The Beautiful You)
Taeyeon - Missing You Like Crazy (OST. King 2 Hearts)
Taeyeon - What If (OST. Hong Gil Dong)
Taeyeon & Sunny - It's Love (OST. Heading To The Ground)
Tiffany - By Myself (OST. Ja Myung Go)
Tiffany - Because It's You (OST. Love Rain)
Tree Bicycle - One More Time (OST. BBF)
Various Artist - Reason (Instrumental) (OST. Endless Love)
Yangpa - Love.. What To Do? (OST. A Gentleman's Dignity)
Yesung - It Has To Be You (OST. Cinderella's Step Sister)
Yoon Chang Gun - Sincerely (OST. Endless Love)
Yoon Sang Hyun - Here I Am (OST. Secret Garden) 

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